Q. Do you work with high risk or suicidal clients?

Question: My loved one has been severely depressed and expressed suicidal ideations, doesn't have any friends, is lonely, and really struggling, do you accept such clients?

A. Yes, with stipulations. Please read the long answer.

Long Answer:

If your loved one is in crisis, you should first and foremost contact a specialist trained to address the specific crisis immediately. This may include you local mental health crisis facilities.

We do not provide emergency crisis services.

Once some level of stabilization has been achieved, we can work in partnership with your existing care providers, such as a family therapist.

If you do decide to engage our services, as part of the planning process we would definitely need consultation time with the existing therapist before launching a formal program, especially in light of any higher risk concerns such as related suicidal thoughts. We would work in partnership with your therapist and you to put together the ideal program plan.

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