Want to make at least $20-60/hr as a professional game master?

Interested in a career as a paid professional game master? Here is the process to be considered for employment by RPG Therapeutics LLC.


1. Develop the appropriate professional background experience, training, education, certification, skills and other required credentials required for the desired opportunity, as per the requirements here.

2. Find the opportunity you are interested in and verify you meet all of the minimum requirements for experience and credentials.

3. Complete th 1st step application from the list of opportunities through our Indeed.com page for the relevant position.

4. Complete the 2nd step application when prompted.

5. Provide proof of appropriate certifications.

6. Pass the RPG Professional Applicant Exam relevant to the position.

7. Schedule interview.

8. Receive and accept offer.

9. Pass background check & begin on-boarding process.

10. Begin working as a paid professional game master!


Our game masters make anywhere from $20 to $250 USD per hour, depending on their position, experience, credentials, performance reviews, and client contracts.


RPG Therapeutics LLC / RPG Organization dba, and related services and organizations, equal opportunity employer.





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