CRPGP-A1 - Level 1 RPG Advocate

Generally an entry-level role. The Certified RPG Professional Advocate, Level 1, promotes and advocates for: RPG advocacy, therapeutic recreation advocacy, music therapy advocacy, RPG Therapy, RPG Education, RPG Training, RPG Professionals, across all sectors and RPG formats.

CRPGP-A1 - Certified Level 1 RPG Advocate

General Purpose

Promote and advocate for RPG Therapeutics LLC's related endeavors, including:

  • Role-playing game (RPG) advocacy
  • Therapeutic Recreation /Recreation Therapy (TR / RT) advocacy (in the context of RPG)
  • Music Therapy (MT) advocacy (in the context of RPG)
  • RPG Therapy
  • RPG Education
  • RPG Training
  • RPG Professionals
  • Small group public speaking, presentations, and professional panel participation


* Formats include: tabletop (RPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), and solo adventure books and modules (SABM).

Core Competencies

Advocate may work remotely or at various locations in person, and when able to, attend events where the advocate can speak with people about the topics. Generally Level II is required for speaking in front of large audiences.

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