NOTE THIS SECTION OF OUR SITE IS UNDERGOING SIGNIFICANT TRANSITION FROM OUR OLD SERVERS TO THIS NEW SITE. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE DURING THIS TRANSITIONAL PERIOD. Please note our training and certification programs are not meant to imply there is only one best way to do something. Rather we are just trying to establish some kind of useful baseline that meets the demands of our clients as consistently as possible. Think of our training and certification as similar to Microsoft or IBM training or certification. Their training, standards, and certification are designed to best meet their approaches to business. Neither IBM nor Microsoft has the definitive say on what is exactly the right way for you and your business, but they do have recommended best practices for their products and services that they teach and test through certification for consistency. You then use that baseline training and certification to build on to meet your own goals. We enthusiastically welcome other researchers, therapists, educators, professionals, and non-professionals input, and hope you will be involved in trying to ascertain the best standards for helping people in a variety of circumstances and with a variety of different needs. RPG Therapeutics is leading the way in helping establish standards in the RPG profession. In conjunction with other industry leaders, we offer extensive, rigorous, quality, professional training and certification. We draw from multiple industry examples for certification including educational, technology, and therapeutic. The overarching certification is the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional, with various endorsement options. The most comprehensive and challenging certification is the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Wizard (CRPGPW), which includes much of the content from most of the other CRPGP certificate endorsements.

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