Status Update on Training and Certification

We have been experiencing overwhelming demand for our services, and we are having trouble finding enough qualified staff to hire to keep up with the demand. So we are having to adjust some of our schedules to adjust.
Due to overwhelming demand, we have needed to tweak our programs to handle the larger demand than we expected, so are modifying our programs to hopefully scale better. This means enrollment for new students is delayed tentatively until April 2019.
For those anxious to get started, during this delay you may want to consider checking out the non-profit RPG Research.
They offer training to their volunteers that parallels our training and workshops. While not as intensive as our courses, they do offer many opportunities for training and real-world applied experiences to go with the theory and other principles. By the way, their real-world application hours are documented and counttoward our certification requirements.
We do count their training overall as eligible toward our certification testing requirements.
To be clear, we don't consider either our, or RPG Research's "the only right way", rather these are baseline starting points for people. There are a growing number of other excellent professionals and resources out there that could help too.
Regarding our training & certification, think along the lines of Microsoft's or IBM's certification training being the best for their specific products, but not necessarily for the business a technician may work for. Rather they are a minimum beginning starting point for professionals in the broader technology industry.
The same is true for our training and certification, it is a starting point, then you can draw from many other resources and approaches, and adapt as best fits you and your client's needs.
Thank you for your interest in our services, and thank you for your patience as we try to keep up with demand.

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