RPG Research

RPG Research and related programs/sites/services.

RPG Therapeutics LLC's founder is also the founder of the non-profit 501(c)3 research and human services charitable organization RPG Research.

RPG Research provides an open, free, international, online repository of research information about the effects of all role-playing game formats, and their potential uses to achieve educational, professional, recreational, and therapeutic goals for a wide range of populations.

Related RPG Research websites and projects include:

  • RPG Talk Show
  • Heroes of the Mist actual-play live tabletop role-playing gaming over Twitch.
  • Volunteer training, which is compatible with RPG Therapeutics LLC's certification programs.
  • Accessibility Advocacy
  • RPG Advocacy
  • Music programs
  • Music advocacy
  • Regular community programs.
  • Original research

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