Fee Schedule

Here is information on our billing rates.

For most initial consultations, the first 30 minutes are free.  We have many package offerings that may match your needs to make our services even more affordable.

We provide services by appointment at our offices, at various client locations, over secured Internet services, and via our mobile wheelchair accessible facilities.

Everyone on our staff has passed mandatory background checks, and includes registered recreational therapists and other professionals with decades of experience working with a wide of populations at a variety of facilities.

Our standard therapeutic and consulting rate without contract or bundling is: $120 per hour.

If you wish for just straight hourly consultation or customized training outside of our bundled packages, you may wish to contact us to create a custom program plan that meets you or your facility's needs. All billing is at a minimum 1 hour, and then at minimum 15 minute increments thereafter.

Initial Consultation (remote or at our offices): First 30 minutes free.

Non-bundled, non-contract, base rates:

Sub-contractor services:

  • Junior sub-contractor remote/online: $25/hr
  • Junior sub-contractor within service area on-site: $30/hr.
  • Senior remote/online: $30/hr.
  • Senior sub-contractor within service area on-site: $40/hr.

Individual junior staff consultation:

  • Remote/Online: $50/hr.
  • In-circuit onsite: $60/hr

Individual senior staff consultation:

  • Remote/Online: $90/hr
  • In-circuit on-site: $120/hr
  • Onsite distant location: Negotiable.

Team consultation:

  • Remote/Online: $150/hr
  • In-circuit onsite: $200/hr
  • Onsite distant: contact us for details.

President/Founder, consultation (Hawke Robinson):

  • Remote/online: $120/hr
  • In-circuit onsite: $150/hr
  • Onsite distant: $200/hr plus expenses.
  • Also see Guest Speaker Engagement rates