Online Courses

We are steadily moving around 100 courses to our online learning platform. Here is more information about our online learning offerings.

We offer online courses through our RPG Education online learning platform.

We have around 100 courses that we are steadily moving to our online platform. Online courses are typically 1/5th to 1/20th the price of our in-person and live remote courses covering the same material.

Most of our beginner, and some of our intermediate courses can be taken on your time over a 6 month period (longer for a slight additional fee).


  • Most introductory courses range between $25 to $100 per course.
  • Most intermediate courses range between $100 to $1,000 per course. 
  • Most of the advanced courses begin around $1,000 per course.

Please see our RPG Education online platform website for information about enrollment schedule, current course offerings, etc.

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