Training and Certification Overview

There are several options for training and certification pathways.

So glad you are interested in training and certifications options to become a role-playing game professional.

We offer 4 main training pathways:

  • Recreational RPG Professional -> Certified RPG Pro
  • Entertainment RPG Professional -> Certified RPG Entertainer
  • Education RPG Professional -> Certified RPG Educator
  • Therapeutic RPG Professional -> Certified Therapeutic GM -> Certified RPG Therapist

For people interested in such training, to acquire the knowledge,
skills, and applied experience and meet our rigorous requirements for certification, there are several options:

1) Paid training services as bundled packages through our RPG
Therapeutics LLC. Individual workshops or specific custom-bundled program plans.
2) One-on-one in-person or remote consulting/training at $120/hr.
3) Online training courses through RPG.Education.
4) Volunteering over at the 501c(3) non-profit international
organization RPG Research (, the training
there parallels RPG Therapeutics certification requirements, there you
can participate in free training at your own pace, though it typically
takes longer due to the very part-time nature of the programs. The training diplomas there prepare you to potentially pass RPG Therapeutics LLC's certification tests.

Regarding option #1, this is usually priced to be covered by
employers who typically provide an annual training budget to their employees. These are typically custom-bundled modules and workshops as per the employer's guidelines.

Or individually through a series of intensive workshops ranging 1 to 5 days per workshop, from between $100 to $10,000 per workshop (usually geared for group training), with extensive "assignments" between workshops to further embed the knowledge and build real-world experience before moving on to the next training module.

The specific pathway depends on your existing background and your  long-term goals.

Regarding Option #3, we've been creating online courses of nealry 100 courses & workshops, to help:
A) Increase affordability significantly
B) Increase scalability (can only teach so many people at a time with
the in-person/remote workshops, while the online courses can scale to far more people and can be self-paced).

We have around 100 separate course modules that we are trying to get
moved to the online platform. This is a massive undertaking with all of
the text, essays, audio, video, accessibility considerations, interactive options, etc. But it is coming along weekly.

For those serious about engaging our paid services, we can provide a free 30 minutes initial consultation to help you figure out what route
works best for your goals.

Feel free to contact us or use the "Schedule Appointment" button on
the website to setup the initial consultation.


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