RPG Therapeutics LLC's President & Founder, Hawke Robinson, as a Guest Speaker at WorldCon 73 (2015)

Professional, Educational, Recreational, & Therapeutic  Services & Training

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: "RPG For Professionals" hands-on workshops.

Providing services in educational settings since 1985 & therapeutic settings since 2004."


RPG Therapeutics LLC is A Better Business Bureau accredited A+ rated business.


RPG Therapeutics LLC's founder, Hawke Robinson, has been called "the grandfather of therapeutic gaming... tracking and involved in the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games longer than anyone else.” –Adam Johns, Game to Grow, Executive Director, Lead Facilitator.


Each of our professional staff members have many years of experience.

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RPG Therapeutics LLC - "Improving lives through exploratory cooperative interactive experiences"

RPG Therapy, Education, Entertainment, Professional, Music & Recreational Therapy Experiential Services. RPG Therapy: "Improving lives through cooperative music, adventure, exploration, & interactive experiences."

Location: Our Headquarters are located at: 1312 North Monroe Street, Suite 114, Spokane, WA 99201.

RPG Therapeutics LLC's president & RPG Research's Founder, Hawke Robinson on Wizards of the Coast's Dragon Talk


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Please note this website is a few years out of date. We are currently working on a completely overhauled website with much more up to date information. Please feel free to contact us for up to date information about our programs.

On Krem 2 News / Northwest Cable News Network

Hawke Robinson on Northwest Cable News / KREM 2 News Network


Our founder, Hawke Robinson has been involved with music & recreation therapy since 2004. First involved with role-playing games in 1977,  and since 1983 has been using role-playing games to help improve people's quality of life.

RPG Therapeutics LLC provides professional services based on a multidisciplinary approach drawing from neurosciences, psychology, CBT, CFT, and Therapeutic Recreation methodologies and standards, using music and recreation as intervention modalities to help clients achieve their educational, entertainment, professional, recreational, & therapeutic goals.

Our services include professional training & certifications, publishing, entertainment, therapeutic sessions, consultation services, and educational programs.


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Example training tree. This training flowchart is an example of the course requirements for a larger facility that was requesting training from RPG Therapeutics LLC for many of their mental health staff members throughout their network, to add role-playing games of various formats into their existing facilities, for a broad range of licensed professionals.



Specific requirements vary depending on your prior training and experience.


RPG Therapeutics LLC at Seattle Children's Hospital



Hawke Robinson at GenCon 2019 on GenCon TV




Hawke Robinson on GenConTV (Now recurring special guest)






Hawke Robinson at Pax East Unplugged





Hawke Robinson on Psychology at the Table




Hawke Robinson at Seattle Children's Hospital





Hawke Robinson at WorldCon 73


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Hawke Robinson at Seattle's ZoeCon II (2014)




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Speaking engagements, classes, special events, and workshops throughout North America.

Drum Circle Facilitation Training Workshop 2017


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