CTGM1 - Certified Professional Tabletop Role-Playing Game Master I

Here you will find information on the requirements to acquire the RPG professional certification: Certified Professional Tabletop Role-Playing Game Master I (CPTRPGM1 aka CTGM1). This is required for all professional Game Master certification paths: Recreation, Entertainment, Education, and/or Therapeutic.

This section provides information about the requirements to achieve this certification. This includes certification prerequisites, course requirements, field experience, practicum, final projects, and testing requirements.

Certification Prerequisites

Either current certification in both RPG Advocate or RPG Facilitator, or completed (and tested) coursework in:

  • RPG-099 - Introduction to role-playing games
  • RPG-100 - Introduction to RPG History & Research
  • TRPGA-100 - Introduction to RPG Advocacy
  • TRPGF-100 - Introduction to RPG Facilitation
  • TRPGX-100 - Introduction to RPG Accessibility & Inclusiveness
  • RPG-101 - Introduction to playing role-playing games (system agnostic, includes introductions and use of multiple RPG formats, systems, & settings).
  • TRPG-110 - introduction to playing Dungeons & Dragons. Original through most current version.
  • At least one from TRPG-111 through TRPG-199
  • At least one from TRPG-211 through TRPG-299.

Optional to above: Verified equivalent experience, there may be an option to challenge all prerequisite course requirements through online test.

Required Courses

  • TRPGM-100 - Introduction to tabletop role-playing game master (system agnostic, includes introduction to a variety of example systems).
  • TRPGM-101 - Tabletop RPG Game Master techniques & tools for intake & assessment of recreational players.
  • TRPGM-105 - Introduction to Game Master World Building (system & setting agnostic)
  • TRPGM-106 - Introduction to Game Master campaign design (system & setting agnostic)
  • TRPGM-107 - Introduction to Game Master adventure design (system & setting agnostic)
  • TRPGM-200
  • TRPGM-300
  • At least one from one population focus course: POPU-100 through POPU-199

Elective Courses

Must select at least 7: 

  • At least five from level 1: TRPGM-110 through TRPGM-199
  • At least one from level 2: TRPGM-210 through TRPGM-299
  • At least one from level 3: TRPGM-310 through TRPGM-299

Course Field Experience Requirements

Must have 100 hours verified minimum applied field experience.

Course Practicum

Complete design and running of 1 complete "1 shot" adventure.

Final Certification Testing Requirements

After completing all above courses, application hours, & practicum. The certification exam applicant must have AT LEAST a 90% in each area.

Once all of these requirements are met, you may then schedule final certification exams which include for this certification:

  • Prepare and run 1 assigned published 1-shot adventure (single session lasting 3-4 hours). Either witnessed live or recorded (unedited) and sent to certification administrator for review.
  • Complete 1 Essay
  • Complete 1 supervised test session (proctored, on-site, or other supervised method)

If all tests are passed with at least 90% in each area, you will receive your certification within 30 days, valid for 5 years from notification of passing.

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