We Need More Qualified Game Masters ASAP!

Our client demand is absolutely outstripping our capacity to keep up. We really need 2-3 more trained, qualified game masters ASAP!

There are a lot of requirements we need you to meet, so please pay careful attention.

We're especially interested in people with Therapeutic Recreation background, and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) certification is the most directly applicable training, but you also need to have enough GM experience with role-playing games.

Starting pay is $20/hr. Those with CTRS and sufficient GM experience may be eligible for $30/hr starting pay.

After 90 day probationary period, expect performance and raise reviews every 6 months, where some qualified staff may eventually receive as much as $60/hr.

We have immediate need for those with experience working with at-risk populations, including youth and adults, from ages 5 to 17+. We have upcoming need for those with experience with many other populations.

Apply here: https://www.indeedjobs.com/rpg-organization-dba/jobs/06f7ad637617f2bb7766





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