General Training

Sign up for intensive hands-on workshops or ongoing online webinars specifically geared for professionals including educators, therapists, and others.

If you have already participated in our introductory programs, then see our professional-specific section of the site for specific workshops or webinars that are the best fit for you and your clients.

If you have not yet been through our workshops or webinars, we recommend you start first with the one-day introductory program first.

NOTE: PARTICIPATION IN THIS WORKSHOP IS MANDATORY BEFORE TAKING ANY OF THE MORE ADVANCED COURSES. ATRA participants may waive this requirement upon proof of passing the NCTRC accredited conference or webinar courses by RPG Therapeutics through the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.

Registration for next quarter's workshops & webinars will be opening shortly. Please check back in a few days for the registration form to be active.

  • "RPG For Professionals" 1 day workshop
  • 8 learning hours
  • Register for Workshop ($299 - $325 to include catered lunch) *
  • Workshop location: 1312 North Monroe Street, Spokane, WA 99201
  • Register for online remote Webinar ($250) **
  • NOTE: Q4 REGISTRATION FORM IS PENDING. Check back after October 24th to register.


* Workshops provide provide all of the material in the webinars, plus considerable hands-on experience options plus optional catered lunch.

** Webinars provide reduced interactive and hands-on options, but allow for remote access training at a reduced rate.


NOTE: Unless taking through course at one or our conference events, or ATRA webinars, this course does not provide CEUs. Please contact us for information about NCTRC accredited versions of this course.




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